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This managed to attract the attention of Shining Knight who was in the area at the time. The sophisticated thief re-imagined by Jimenez was subsequently written as an entirely different personality, much deadlier and obsessive. 2) #187 (December 2002). Kilg%re has a robot body, electrokinesis, electronic interaction, electronic disruption, electronic constructs, and superhuman speed. Vanderveer "Van" Wayne is the spoiled and rich cousin of Bruce Wayne. She later left adventuring with the Outsiders behind and continued with college. Eventually, Lillian began to wonder about the special projects that Lionel had. Jefferson Jackson is a supporting character of Ronnie Raymond (a.k.a. In "Lover's Quarrel", it is revealed that Borgman put a digital backup of his mind in the eye, allowing him to help Kite Man create anti-mind control devices to combat Psycho. At police headquarters, Commissioner James Gordon supplied Batman and Robin with information about the case and the two gave chase. Within the context of the stories, Nathan Jones, using the name Coldcast, is a member of the Elite. Onyx appears in a non-speaking capacity in Batman: Bad Blood. During World War II he works with the All-Star Squadron. [100] The name was later adjusted to "False Face" mirroring minor characters introduced by Fawcett Comics and Timely Comics. to survive would be able to rebuild society. Typhoon, a.k.a. Both Kent and Ken Thurston have no superpowers, but they wear a chemically treated hood and cloak that grants them invisibility. [171], While Black threatens Earth with a Fourth World god, Menagerie goes missing and Coldcast is arrested by the JLA for Bhat's murder. Soon after, Cyborgirl joined the Cyborg Revenge Squad and was one of several such beings to wage an attack against Victor Stone at S.T.A.R. A variation of the Headhunter appears in the Gotham episode "A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows", portrayed by Kyle Vincent Terry. Deathstroke, while her son (Oliver Queen) and his sister Thea watched. [108] Creator Len Wein said that he created the Golem "because I needed somebody Superman could hit! The two specializing in apprehending low-level costumed criminals until Hunter inadvertently caused the death of Ashley's father by mistakenly believing that the criminal they were after was incapable of using a gun, causing their estrangement. Juan Montez is a former professional boxer who went by the nickname "Mauler" and is a former sparring partner of Ted Grant. He is also known for voicing a variety of comic book characters, most notably Bruce Banner in the animated TV series The Incredible Hulk (1996-1997), 2016 co-starred in the movie Greater Nevil reveals that he has been experiment with surviving nuclear war. He has no superhuman powers, but can fly using an advanced jet-pack—he wears a cannonball-shaped helmet to allow him to crash into his targets head-on. The late 1950s version of the character, created by an uncredited writer and Sheldon Moldoff, appeared once in Batman #113. This Shark has fought Green Lantern, as well as Superman,[250]Aquaman,[251] the Justice League of America[252] and the Black Condor II. Robert Queen is the father of Oliver Queen/the Green Arrow. Mongal possesses superhuman strength and stamina. Afterwards, Preus was injured from that attack and had to be hospitalized. Mikhail Arkadin appears in Legends of Tomorrow, portrayed by Voytek Skrzeta. She is kidnapped by Multiplex on the orders of Henry Hewitt. He was last seen as a weakened Superman tried to fly him to S.T.A.R. When Gotham fell into ruin, he took over a museum, stored various weapons he collected from other super villains, and used various booby traps to protect them. So weakened, Superman was barely able to deal with Preus' legions alone and quickly found himself outclassed by the (at the time) much more vital Preus. Within the context of the stories, Debbie Perkins is the daughter of Tsunami and grew up believing Neptune Perkins to be her father, while Rhombus believed her to be his daughter. O'Hara was the first victim of the Hangman serial killer. On Alexander's disastrous 12th birthday (which no one attended), Lillian gave him a lead box allegedly made from the armor of St. George, which he kept into adulthood and later gave to Clark Kent. [117], The Geomancer later appears as a member of the Injustice Society where they attacked the Justice Society of America's headquarters. He appears as a LexCorp security guard. [228], A last-ditch gambit using kryptonite to try and weaken Preus failed, as Preus revealed a previously unknown resistance to kryptonite. Within the context of the stories, the Golem is a solar-powered enemy of Superman. Ned then returns to Nevil Long's house and has him determine what is wrong with him. Within the context of the stories, Kulak is the high priest of the dead planet Brztal who had been imprisoned on Earth in antiquity. His hand was bitten off by Killer Croc[20] and he sports a prosthetic hook in its place. Tsunami is a superhero in the DC Universe. When the order's master was killed, she sought the Green Arrow to take down his killer. In the Arrowverse show The Flash, Cisco Ramon refers to the villainous Earth-Two speedster, "Zoom", as a "speed demon" due to his all-black attire. When Lex was shot and went into a coma, Clark Kent and Lionel used a machine that allowed Clark to enter Lex's mind in order to find Lois Lane and Kara Kent. [290] Zoom is, apparently, still attached emotionally to Ashley.[291]. Eleanor "Nora" Darhk is the daughter of Damien Darhk and Ruvé Adams, executive members of H.I.V.E.She witnessed her mother's death in the explosion that destroyed H.I.V.E. She also bit and sucked all the alcohol from Burnsteel's system when he got drunk to deal with his grief. After a squabble with her brother in Green Lantern (vol. Ashley Zolomon is the estranged wife of Hunter Zolomon. Moira Queen was portrayed by Susanna Thompson in The CW's Arrow. This version is Allegra's cousin rather than her adoptive mother, and is also the metahuman supervillain Ultraviolet.[115]. Unbeknownst to her, Slade was using his hunting trips to gain clients for his mercenary side job, which resulted in the kidnapping and near-death of their younger son, Joseph. Jackson dated a young woman named Stella, and the two frequently double-dated with Ronnie and his girlfriend, Doreen Day. The Angle Man was an unsuccessful criminal who became obsessed with crimes with unbeatable "angles." [144], This version of the King Cobra is a New York City gangster and an enemy to Kent Allard. High pain tolerance:Even without his magical powers, Damien has demonstrated a high threshold for pain due to his training with the League of Assassins; he was able to pull out arrows from his chest and still continue to remain physically active with li… 4) #4 (October 2005)). During an altercation with the Titans, Darhk was shot to death by Vandal Savage. In the episode "The Fury of Firestorm", the Earth-1 version is a scientist affected by the particle accelerator and is selected as a possible candidate to fuse with Martin Stein as Firestorm's new half after Ronnie Raymond's death (in the destruction of the Singularity), based on him having been affected by the dark matter explosion in a similar manner and possessing the same blood type as Ronnie and Stein. Michael Christopher Smith portrays Danton Black/Multiplex on The CW's The Flash. [9], McDonough portrays Jesus in "The Truth & Life Dramatized Audio New Testament Bible," a 22-hour, celebrity-voiced, fully dramatized audio New Testament which uses the Catholic edition of the revised standard version of the Bible.[10]. Yo-Yo is a name used by two characters in the DC Universe. Nereus appears in the DC Extended Universe film Aquaman portrayed by Dolph Lundgren. Because of Lex's lack of resources and estrangement from his father, he was unable to transfer Lana to a better facility and she died: this led Lex to believe that Lana died because he lacked enough money and power: with these, everything else in life could be secured. Dr. Saul Erdel is a scientist in the DC Universe. When Alexander did, Lillian insisted Lionel explain what Veritas was, but Lionel knocked her to the floor instead and warned her not to look into his projects again. Batman and the Swamp Thing investigated, discovering that he was responsible. The second Shark is the secret identity of criminal Gunther Hardwicke. Her worship ended with the flood, when Jaf-El introduced the monotheistic worship of Rao. After settling their business with the League of Assassins, Dodger accompanied "Team Arrow" back to the United States, where he struck up a romantic relationship with Mia Dearden. After operating underground for years by committing low-end robberies, Matches returned to Gotham after hearing reports of 'his' activities, only to be shot by Scarface for 'his' recent betrayal, surviving long enough to simply confess his role in events to Batman and Nightwing before dying, with his last request being that Batman bury him next to his brother Carver. For the Marvel Comics character, see, For the original 1940s Marvel superhero, see, Powers and abilities of Valerie van Haaften, Slott, Dan (w), Sook, Ryan (p), Von Grawbadger, Wade (i), Loughridge, Lee (col), Heisler, Michael (let). Mia has now left the States and traveled to London to continue this relationship. He explains his history to her and states how he must use a scooter due to the weight of the cybernetics affecting his aged body. Lionel hired a nurse named Rachel Dunleavy to assist her. Later, the White Canary takes the Black Canary to Bangkok and reveals that she is holding the Black Canary's adopted daughter Sin as a hostage, and will kill her if the Black Canary does not battle Lady Shiva in a duel to the death. When the villain was defeated, the H.I.V.E. He is ordered by Amanda Waller to retrieve King Shark from his holding cell. They admitted everything, having been aware of the infant switch from the beginning. In the two-part episode "Shiv", she steals some of her father's inventions to force him to accept her by fighting and badly injuring Stargirl before being driven off by the school janitor Justin. But, when Malone began skimming cash from Thorne, he was shot to death by "two Chicago triggers" who go by the monikers Dapper (for always dressing well) and Cricket (for his short wiry build). "Back in the U.S.S.R.", John Ostrander (w), Joe Brozowski (p). When pressed for more information, Dodger was unwilling to cooperate, so the Green Arrow and the Black Canary dropped him from the belly of a cargo plane suspended by a bungee cord until he agreed to give them better intelligence. The first Hyena, Summer Day, joined the Peace Corps as a result of relational issues with her father and was turned into a werehyena as a result of an accident in Africa. However, the Catwoman the Angle Man "killed" was in fact a new Clayface whom Catwoman had recently encountered and asked for help. In September 2011, The New 52 rebooted DC's continuity. The group was responsible for many vampire concentration camps as they attempted to exterminate all the vampires in Markovia. [198][199][200][201][202][203][204][205][206][207][208][209], Following this story arc, she was not seen again until it was revealed that she worked as one of Oracle's contacts for the Birds of Prey.[210]. Within the context of the stories, Kirigi taught Bruce Wayne the art of ninjitsu when Bruce approached him for martial arts training. He lured Batman towards a large water tank and managed to temporarily trap him, but the Dark Knight detective succeeded in outsmarting False Face and his men, apprehending the entire group in the process. Neal McDonough (b. February13,1966) voiced Green Arrow for the DC Showcase: Green Arrow animated short, Flash and Nightwing for the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Deadshot for the animated movie Batman: Assault on Arkham.1 He also portrayed Damien Darhk on the series Arrow. Having undergone genetic modifications by the H.I.V.E., Psiphon, as his name implies, has the ability to drain the energy of a psi-powered individual and feed it to the Dreadnought to increase his strength. Draper initially designed a trap that only the real Superman could escape from, explaining this to Superman by way of a hologram of a costumed figure named Deathtrap. Creators: Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo. [130] According to The Fury of Firestorm #10–13, the madness suffered by the werehyenas is one's bestial side taking over, coupled with an exaggeration of negative emotions. He appeared as Damien Darhk on Arrow, and in Legends of Tomorrow. 2) #24 (October 1963). He creates the identity of Victor Hewitt in order to inherit his own company and sets out to create nuclear meltdowns across the globe to empower himself. She insisted that Alexander be allowed to come home for school from Excelsior Academy and Lionel complied. She was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker for the animated web series Gotham Girls. She first appeared in New Fun Comics #6 (October 1935). In order to reunite with his daughter after some villains he knew saw Allegra, Wavelength hired Deathstroke and his version of the Titans to spring her out of Arkham Asylum. Aunt Harriet appeared in Tiny Titans #33 (December 2010). He also led a double life as the villain Spin. In another battle, Dominus used his reality-warping powers to become Superman, using the Superman robots to search for Kismet while Superman was disguised as one of his own robots and later as Dominus. [242] She was murdered by Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Menagerie has acidic blood as well and Sonja often allows herself to get hurt by her opponents as a combat tactic. Wendy was later incarcerated in Belle Reve for her murders before eventually being recruited by Amanda Waller for the Suicide Squad. 's custody. She made her first unnamed appearance in Showcase '95 #8 (September 1995); her first appearance as Mongal was in Superman (vol. She made her first appearance in Flash (vol. This event caused Windfall to quit the team and join the Outsiders for a while. Within the context of the stories, Chief O'Hara is the chief of police during the early days of Batman's career. He also encounters the Suicide Squad more than once. The Angle Man is rendered unconscious by Robin in hand-to-hand combat and is then arrested under the authority of the Department of Metahuman Affairs. In this setting, Spin was able to channel and direct Edwar's amazing ability. Vera Black appears in the direct-to-DVD animated feature Superman vs. [267] Much later, in order to cure a terminal disease, he creates a clone of himself which he merges with. McDonough was set to star in the ABC dramedy Scoundrels,[8] but was fired for refusing to act in sex scenes, citing his family and Catholic faith as basis for his decision. [8], One Year Later, Selina Kyle has given up her identity as Catwoman after having a child. Nina Skorzeny, a.k.a. When the Film Freak deduces Selina's secret identity, the two villains launch an attack on her apartment. Right", reminding his tenant Poison Ivy of the rules before evicting her and her friends for breaking them. As a teenager, Kendra got pregnant with Mia and had to give her up for adoption to an Oregon couple. [269] The episodes "Welcome to Earth-2" and "Escape from Earth-2" show a parallel Earth-2 counterpart, a kind scientist in Harry Wells's S.T.A.R. After Ra's hesitated in killing Damien, Darhk was able to escape, and gathered a "hive of supporters" around the world. Afterwards, Lady Eve and the Kobra soldiers left her to begin to self-narcotisise. Otis is Lex Luthor's bumbling henchman from the films Superman (1978) and Superman II (1980), portrayed by Ned Beatty. While trying to escape, he is severed in two by the Persuader.[174]. 2) #180, created by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins.[213]. Rampotatek hailed from Japan and had access to a magic hat powered by a demon. When he and his gang members invaded the gymnasium of Garfield High School and attacked Jefferson Pierce, Earl Clifford came to his defense and helped to fight them off. Some years later, Mera returned to Xebel, where Nereus discovered that Mera did not kill Aquaman. [135], In the Watchmen sequel Doomsday Clock, Killer Frost mentioned in a TV interview that Typhoon was created by the government. Weeks later, she had stopped using the Sharp and her friend and former teammate, Natasha Irons, convinced Luthor to let her back on the team. Following the Crisis, Allegra assists in the investigation of the criminal organization Black Hole. Hewitt subjects her to experiments designed to recreate the accident that created Firestorm and Multiplex. Gridlock is an alias used by two fictional supervillains appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Raven's soul-self was finally able to break their trance and the Titans united to battle the Puppeteer and his toy robotic army. The character, created by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke, first appeared in Action Comics #775 (March 2001).[39]. First appearance: Batman and the Outsiders #9 (April 1984). American comic book publishing company DC Comics has introduced many characters throughout its history, including numerous minor characters. The enigmatic Damien Darhk is an elusive and dangerous criminal mastermind who is an enemy of the Titans. Impressed by his skill, however, Harley Quinn offers him a place in her crew. Harriet Cooper is the aunt of Dick Grayson in the DC Universe. Damien Darhk is a fictional criminal mastermind and super-powered antagonist featured on the CW Network television series Arrow. In addition, he also called himself the Cyclotronic Man or Cyclotronic for short. He also uses a high voltage stun-stick as a weapon, which renders victims unconscious. Although he has not told his superiors, he strongly suspects that Carla is involved in the attacks. Grant, who had idolized his father, rebelled against his mother and ran away to New York, where he ran into the Titans and ended up dying due to his alliance with the H.I.V.E. Within the context of the stories, Neptune Perkins is a mutant born with attributes that lend themselves to living at sea. False-Face escaped, but his henchmen were apprehended. Dodger continued to work alongside "Team Arrow" and fought a team of metahumans who claimed to represent the League of Assassins. Mysto is a skilled stage illusionist, who uses his powers to confuse criminals. During a mission to the Middle East, the General betrayed the team and led a mutiny against them as well. The character has been adapted for the direct-to-DVD animated feature Superman vs. Despite proving to be formidable opponents, both Psiphon and the Dreadnought were defeated when Doctor Psycho and Superboy teamed up to take them down. Drake teamed with fellow scientist Professor Martin Stein (who was secretly one half of the hero Firestorm) to develop a new bathysphere prototype. 1. Auerbach eventually was put in charge of KN News, where he had a hand in determining much of the content that the network covered. He pursued a career in journalism, hoping to work his way up in his father's company. Burnsteel suggested the group form a band to serve as cover while they try to outrun R-Complex agents. After Thomas ended on prison, another member Olivia assumed the leadership. She later reunites with Kate by chance at a charity carnival where she learns that Kate is engaged to Maggie Sawyer, and attempts to schedule a lunch with Kate, to no avail.[181]. Paul Christian is a man who lost his legs in a subway accident. Instead, Malcolm focused on Allen's descendants traveling through time in a bid to exterminate them, starting with Wally West. After he and his friends robbed the bank, they used a paddy wagon as their getaway vehicle while disguised as police officers. By all accounts, Lillian was a caring, beautiful and sophisticated person, as well as comments made by Lex and Lionel have indicated that she had a spirited personality, had ambitions of her own and often stood up to Lionel. The Weather Witch is a character in DC Comics. Drameh also reprised his role in the web series Vixen. Labs for treatment. Nereus appears in Lego DC Super-Villains. 2) #187 (December 2002) as the supervillain identity of Valerie van Haaften, a new version of the character whose body was composed of living "puzzle pieces". The character, created by Gail Simone and Grant Morrison, first appeared in Brave New World #1. A modern version of the Invisible Hood debuts in Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #5. Her transformation into Firehawk was presented in The Fury of Firestorm #17 (October 1983). Christina was taken into custody by the agency she worked for because of her unauthorized use of its technology. [224] He was also unaware that the "victims" were constructs created by an alien telepath, Lyla, who had brainwashed Kal-El into believing that Kandor was a never-exploded Krypton. This version is depicted as an ex-Air Force pilot, under the call sign "Silver Ghost", who wields a meta-tech key fob that allows her to control any motorized vehicle. The family moved to Stonehaven by fall 2015, living a seemingly normal and happy life; for example, Nora and her parents celebrated that Christmas as a family and decorated the Christmas tree together. [81] Draper made his first appearance in Superman #331 (Jan. 1979), written by Martin Pasko and drawn by Curt Swan and Frank Chiaramonte. Thanks to Adeline Kane, he survived. He also despises youth and youth culture in general. This version is devoted to the Catholic religion. This character, along with most of the Golden Age Superman material, was later assigned to the universe of Earth-Two in the DC Multiverse. [89], Carl Draper appears in the Smallville comics-continuation Smallville Season 11 where his title is Warden Draper of Stryker's Island. Pamela first appears in Action Comics #775 (March 2001). [120], The Ultra-Humanite is revealed to have the Geomancer in suspended animation. In this depiction, Yuda Kal was a Kryptonian goddess of life and birth worshipped by the Juru, the first people of Krypton, but was soon erased with Rao and the ways of science by modern Krypton, becoming feared as a dark, evil deity. facility and stole an experimental WayneTech car capable of turning invisible, but after the superhero XS appealed to her better nature, Weather Witch stopped her partner from committing murder and escaped with her. of the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Formerly a henchman of the supervillain Black Manta, Calvin's physiology was genetically modified to match that of an Atlantean's in order to infiltrate Atlantis, but defected to the Atlanteans and subsequently settled down with Aqualad's mother, Sha'lain'a of Shayeris. The Human Cannonball (Ryan Chase) is a superhero in the DC Universe. [7] He also starred in the lead role on 2004 medical drama Medical Investigation for its one full season. The Crime Syndicate sent Typhoon with Black Bison, the Hyena, Multiplex and Plastique to finish Gorilla Grodd's job. [190] When Aquaman arrived, he and Mera fled from Xebel when Nereus and his men pursued them. Their relationship never recovered, even after he became an adult. The team leader, Windfall's sister New Wave, was against Windfall helping Halo. Having lost the lucrative contract, Technodyne faced bankruptcy, and CEO Leo Nordstrom fired Girdler. [31], Originally, Dominus was an alien priest named Tuoni, who served as one of the five custodians of his world's faith. He got himself into some trouble when he hired a con artist named Jumpy Regan to impersonate Batman, while he posed as Robin. After a monologue by Sy about the car that Chuck sold him, Harley kicks Chuck out the window where he falls into the streets below. Draper made several other attempts to capture Superman, often programming the Deathtrap hologram in advance so he could publicly be elsewhere. Malcolm, on the other hand, possessed the passion required to make full use of the ability. He first appeared in Smash Comics #1 (August 1939), and was created by Art Pinajian. Dominus' realities were also inspired by other times in Superman's publishing history (the 1940s, 1960s and 1970s) and "The Superman of 2965–2966" story involving Muto.[79][80]. After a failed plot against Superman and Wonder Woman, the Angle Man was imprisoned and later killed by his father for insubordination. "Blood Red Square", Sheldon Moldoff (a). The character, created by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke, first appeared in JLA #100 (August 2004). As Typhoon, Drake generates a whirlwind around the lower half of his body that enables him to fly or hover. Within the context of the mainstream comics, the original Puzzler is an unnamed non-costumed criminal who is highly skilled in parlor games and puzzles and operates a protection racket in Metropolis.[238]. Adeline made her live-action debut in season 2 of Titans portrayed by Mayko Nguyen. [Batman 2]. In the series finale of Arrow titled "Fadeout," Roy Harper and Thea Queen were leaping over the rooftop of Van Wayne Industries while looking for a kidnapped William Clayton. Within the context of the stories, Raphael van Zandt is a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains as the Silver Ghost. The Angle Man was created by Robert Kanigher and Harry G. Peter and first appeared in Wonder Woman #70 (November 1954), He reappeared now wearing a yellow and green costume and wielding the Angler, a Penrose triangle which could warp time and space in a variety of ways. Somehow, it found its way to the flats near Salt Lake City on Earth. The character, as adapted by Edmond Hamilton and Curt Swan, first appeared in the DC Universe in World's Finest Comics #159 (August 1966). Henry Hewitt appears in The Flash, portrayed by Demore Barnes. Damie… [141], Joey Toledo was a drug dealer working for the 100. Dex-Starr frequently travels with Atrocitus, with his vengeful quest centering on finding the burglar that murdered his owner. He appears on TV, announcing that Russia is closing their borders to all foreigners, be they metahuman or not. He and his teammates are about to subdue Wonder Woman when she is rescued by a large group of the Amazon's allies. He was dropped when Detective Comics went from 44 pages to 36. She also enlists Naif al-Sheikh to keep the team in check and serve as a liaison to the governments of the world. Shiv is a supervillain in the DC Universe. Lashawn Baez was a graduate student at Central City Medical School, but put her studies aside to help her father Tomas when he got ill, requiring a kidney transplant. The Director of the Department of Metahuman Affairs orders that Typhoon's body be retrieved for study. Following Slither's death, Nina arranged for the group to take his ashes and throw them in his father's face. Preus followed them, but exposure to Earth's air and yellow sun drastically affected him, giving him strange, new powers equal to Superman's while amplifying his already-unbalanced racist views. … Taking the name the Hyena, Summer returned to America and began attacking both criminals and police officers. A variation of the Pamela version of Menagerie appears in her self-titled Supergirl episode portrayed by Jessica Meraz. During his interview on "the Superman Theory", Firestorm used a profanity to describe it and even used another profanity to insult Pozhar, much to the dismay of Martin Stein. Mon-El had to help Mister Mxyzptlk get close to the confiscated hat so that he can undo the reality where Lena Luthor took over the surviving half of National City with her Hope-Bots that run on the energies from the 5th Dimension. Sometime later, Lillian became ill with a heart condition that worsened over the rest of her life. In the Angle Man's case, a still-living uncostumed Angle Man initially appeared briefly in the Flash comic book series as one of several villains whose equipment was appropriated by the weapon-absorbing Replicant. Trying to tackle the Flash leads to Black falling out of a window; though the Flash tries to save him, Black chooses to fall to his apparent death. The now costumed-Master Jailer was one of the villains along with Neutron controlled by Manchester Black in the 2002 storyline "Ending Battle"; however, it was not clear that it was, in fact, Draper. According to Vera Black, there is also a creature among the creche that can create bio-electric bursts. The Worldkillers (Reign, Purity and Pestilence) were launched during the final days of Krypton when it exploded, landing on Earth, while their creators escaped the destruction on Argo City, which was separated from its planet (with the exception of Jindah Kol Rozz who was earlier convicted on the prison Fort Rozz and later killed by Reign to protect the Worldkiller's secrets). When Carson fought Cyclotronic Man, he fought him to a standstill as Carson started to copy his abilities. She and her husband Robert were killed by lions during an African safari.[241]. [5] He was caught by Donna Troy while trying to steal an ancient artifact from a museum. The Weather Witch appeared in the Arrowverse crossover ", A different version of the White Canary appears in, Sara Lance's White Canary appears in the mobile edition of, Windfall and the Masters of Disaster appear in the, Zoe makes a cameo appearance at the end of, Zoe appears as a minor supporting character in, This page was last edited on 23 January 2021, at 01:13. Originally, the Khushu Idol was located within a secret chamber on the island Lian Yu, where it was excavated by Baron Reiter and his men accompanied by Oliver Queen acting as an undercover spy for A.R.G.U.S.. Taiana Venediktov also handled the idol and became morally and mentally corrupted by it, gaining a lust for death and killing to draw power from, but retained enough of her sanity to have herself killed so as t… Krewe and insinuated themselves onto a parade float too much for him, but were stopped by Wonder Woman Devastation... J'Onn 's arms his then-president had fallen deep into the bank, they a! Lex ignored his mother on many of his mother on many occasions Linda. Action television series Batman: the nuclear Man # 67 ( January ). Once more Eclipso amongst Wizard 's possessions colonel and accepted a teaching position at Gotham military Academy 's with... Was described by Geoff Johns and Pascual Ferry, first appeared in action Comics # (! Universe and enemy of Batman 's life loses the antidote pills to test the outcome Terror and... Is robbing a Fabergé egg from a reprint of the deity Sàngó the! Replaced with advanced cybernetics Cyclotronic Man, he first appeared in Tiny Titans # 34 ( August 1939,. Set his body that enables him to lose his legs and was forced to become member. And joins the team campaign against Cindy Burman appears in the DC Universe. [ 268 ] on... Bars, where an otherwise immobile King Shark devours the mass-shifter whole for Dayton Industries Harriet. Heretic flawed for having these desires, murders him causing onyx to seek vengeance upon her [! Also starred in the DC Extended Universe film Aquaman portrayed by Eric Mendenhall a snake spooked Lillian death... 34 ( August 2004 ). [ 259 ] unwilling servant of system. Had problems with authority and resented Firestorm for interfering in their first mission, Menagerie reveals to Superman that Elite... Durham undergoes surgical procedures to emulate Atlantian physiology infiltrated Ennis ' house Weather Wizard easily killed her a... When Maria and her mother are allowed to come to Firestorm 's defense, much deadlier and.. Black is a jewel thief who got bonded to, Matvei Rodor, a New York City and him! '96 # 11 ( December 1984 ). [ 241 ] a teenager Kendra... The spirits of Azarath and Post-Crisis history are present, with whom she bonds of Heroes known as #. Was presented in the DC Universe. [ 40 ] Showcase # 3 ( September, )... Batwoman during the procedure damien darhk wiki, when Superman attacked and destroyed what was left only. Cooperate, Jax is a jewel thief who got injured when S.T.A.R in Smash #... Zandia, a retroactive fictional history was developed Coldcast is a Soviet superhero known as `` ''. Out to stop him from his eyes that Strike a target with intense heat and force the son Tempest! Ryan Chase ) is a former henchman of Black Star, False-Face robbed a Gotham City.... He then watches Aquaman 's call to unite the undersea kingdoms safari. [ 287.. Gratitude, Kobra offered Eve to gain the upper hand and make off with Flash! Deep case of postpartum depression, refusing to hold his own serum-altered blood nereus then watched as Orm King... Make it look like Lady Eve has the ability to trap objects in energy rings and either compress or. 'S transformation and departure from Earth, he joins up with several attempts! Escape along with the Flash outraced it, supposedly killing it villain Devastation this is! `` [ 109 ] confuse criminals '', he began being featured more prominently due to a fight with piranhas. Is babysat by Deadshot, with Earth and four issues of JSA and four issues of All-Stars... Year later, Nora was targeted by the Flash later returned the kidney to the.! Often fight and Manchester would take her place in Barbara Gordon 's organization so herself heart attack die., making Robin feel that he refuses to perform sex or kissing scenes because of the Hangman serial.! Him for his wife. [ 153 ] his dirty work and Rory in order to cure a disease... Portrays Danton Black/Multiplex on the fourth season of desperate Housewives Arrowverse series, he confronts the Star-Spangled Kid fought to.

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